Easy To Do Reforms 2

Here are two measures that need to be implemented urgently in our country. They will benefit the country tremendously.

Make India Secular

Today India is secular in name and non-secular in reality.

A secular country is one where there is no majority and no minorities.
A secular country is one where the Govt does not interfere in the daily functioning of religious, cultural and social organisations (unless a civic offense or criminal act has taken place).
A secular country means that all religions are subject to and must follow the law of the land.
A secular country is one where the citizen can choose the method of disposal of his/her corpse without bothering about the consequences of social boycott for their family.
A secular country is one where no individual is forced to follow a particular line of thought.
A secular country is one where no proselytization takes place.
A secular country is one where there is no religious police (or private enforcers) to force people to follow a specific religion.

Currently the Govt appoints bureaucrats to run all so called Hindu religious establishments / trusts / organisations. All the income that these Hindu religious establishments / trusts / organisations get, goes directly into the treasury of the concerned State Govt, which they use for their own administrative purposes. Further, the State Govt does little to maintain or benefit these Hindu religious establishments / trusts / organisations. 

In contrast, all non-Hindu religious establishments / trusts / organisations are free to run their affairs in the way they deem fit. There is no Govt oversight to see that fraud and other criminal activities are not conducted. There is no taxation nor audit of their accounts.

This hypocrisy has to stop. The faster, the better. All religious establishments / trusts / organisations should be on the same level playing field. Hindu religious establishments / trusts / organisations should be freed of Govt control and the concerned Hindu establishments / trusts / organisations should be allowed to manage their own affairs. All immovable property that has been taken over by the State Govt and/or others should be returned to the concerned Hindu religious establishments / trusts / organisations free of all encumbrances. 

There should be no concept of separate laws for so called minorities or benefits to be given to so called minorities. The law of the land is above all.

A fair, transparent system can be developed to determine those who are fit to be on the boards of the particular religious establishments / trusts / organisations. The board can be elected by members of the particular religious establishments / trusts / organisations. The respective board will then have to run the religious establishments / trusts / organisations as an independent entity and ensure that they comply with the law of the land and maintain financial accounts publicly. Any misdemeanors / frauds / illegal activities need to be dealt with the full force of law in a transparent and time bound manner by the Indian judicial system.

The above measures will help India in being a truly secular country. And will go a long way in dispelling the current animosity between members of various religions.

Bring in the Japanese

There is a lot of talk on 100 Japanese companies moving out of China and looking to set up their operations elsewhere. This is a good opportunity for India and some of our State Govts are pursuing it.

What is not mentioned is that Japan has a highly thriving MSME sector. There are hundreds of companies that are mid sized, make innovative products and have a limited market reach. These are the companies that we in India need to focus on.

The usual way is to lay out the red carpet for these companies and give them the facilities they need to manufacture. What needs to be done is this. 

Open up Indian MSMEs to these mid sized Japanese companies. Let the Japanese mid size companies decide whom they want to partner with in the Indian MSME ecosphere. The Japanese companies could either take an equity stake in the Indian MSME, do an outright acquisition, initiate ToT (Transfer of Technology) or accept them as vendors. Or even sell their companies to their Indian counterpart.

This will radically upgrade and energise our MSME sector and they can then start addressing global markets with the latest products and services.

This exercise needs to be done on a regular and structured basis, so as to ensure that benefits are accrued on a regular basis. Another advantage that can be derived is that all MSMEs from India, that associate with a Japanese counterpart should get access to funding from Japanese banks and funds.

A similar exercise can be done with the MSMEs of  Taiwan, Korea, Russia, Israel, Europe and USA. All these countries have a thriving MSME sector that is highly skilled and profitable. Let us plug our MSME sector in with theirs.


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