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Taluka Towns

Taluka Towns Taluka Towns - what are they? Our definition of a Taluka Town (TT) is a town or inhabitation that lies in a semi urban setting of the country. A TT encompasses what is known as a Tier 3 and below town, census towns, rural agglomerations etc. We can safely say that a TT has a population of anywhere between 10,000 and 100,000, away from a large urban local body and has a lack of basic amenities and municipal services. This lack of services leads people to leave these TT  and come and join the urban poor in the cities in search of both economic opportunity as well as basic services. If we look at TT as an opportunity for developing a mini economic engine, a whole new economic revolution can be kick started. Our game changing plan is based on the premises that providing housing units along with the corresponding municipal services can lead to an economic resurgence. This way not only will we solve a major demeaning headache but also generate multiple employment op