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Easy To Do Reforms 2

Here are two measures that need to be implemented urgently in our country. They will benefit the country tremendously. Make India Secular Today India is secular in name and non-secular in reality. A secular country is one where there is no majority and no minorities. A secular country is one where the Govt does not interfere in the daily functioning of religious, cultural and social organisations (unless a civic offense or criminal act has taken place). A secular country means that all religions are subject to and must follow the law of the land. A secular country is one where the citizen can choose the method of disposal of his/her corpse without bothering about the consequences of social boycott for their family. A secular country is one where no individual is forced to follow a particular line of thought. A secular country is one where no proselytization takes place. A secular country is one where there is no religious police (or private enforcers) to force people to follow a

Easy To Do Reforms 1

Here are two easy to do concepts that can be developed and implemented in our country in a relatively short time. We have the necessary resources to develop them and they will bring a huge benefit to the country. Further, we can also share or sell the same to other countries. The IP and the implementation will be ours. National Kirana Backbone Online, offline, hybrid - if there were more terms, we would be using them as well. But what is evident beyond the words is that retail is not only big business but a necessity for our country. Our kirana stores are a huge and deep asset that we have. They can be old, dirty and outdated but they are an asset all the same. Spruce them up and we could have a well functioning mass of kirana stores. Lots of action happening in this space - mostly on the customer facing front but very little to make each kirana store a power house in it's area. Considering the numbers, the reach and the scale it is the Govt of India which n